The Umonics Method: The Future of Preschool Curriculum

The Umonics Method
The Umonics Method

Educational improvements are happening all around the world, and governments commonly initiate policy changes for political or economic reasons.

The Singapore government recognises the value of building a knowledge-based economy and is indicated in the consecutive series of education policy development and reforms.

Since 2003, the Singapore policy change in connection to the preschool curriculum has been adjusted towards more child-centred teaching with importance on playing. “We have realised the importance of play for a long time now. That is how preschoolers memorise best as well. Older students and adult needs complete silence in order to concentrate on the memorisation task ahead; preschoolers are the complete opposite. The more noise, the more stimulation, the easier it becomes for them to memorise. Our curriculum is 100% play driven,” says Sancy Suraj of The Umonics Method

The quality of teachers also plays an important part in helping deliver the curriculum to preschoolers. “What is unfortunate is that EDCA does not require a preschool enrichment teacher to have any formal qualification, such as an early childhood education certificate. This is disturbing news as the last thing we need is for anyone off the street having the no barrier to teach preschoolers. At the Comics Method, we know the importance of having quality teachers and only work with teachers that have formal education in early childhood education,” Sancy.

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